09 August 2013


I was used to like someone but he doesn't know that i liked him. For many years (this is hyperbole..;)), he inspired me. Thinking about him, i managed to do something impossible. and even i thought that he was my soulmate. i thought he was the perfect man for me, he could guide me to siratol mustaqqim.

But then, Allah want to show me..
he wasn't for me. he wasn't perfect enough to guide me to right lane. and i rethink about this.  if he couldn't guide himself, how can he guide me to the right line to deen mardhatillah and next, to future..

but here is my main point ,
i want to change!

To my boy friend who'd been so close to me (dont wanna mention his name.. , 
thanks a lot for always helping me. yes,  you are my good friend. but, give me a chance to change. 
I want to be a mawar berduri. (eceh).

Each time, when you were texting me, i'm felt guilty cause I know this is not right. 
And i've tried to tell you, but i don't know how. call? texting with such a long babling? 
or meet you face to face?  there's no way because i have no confidence to tell you.
 so, i decided to post this as medium to tell you .

So friend,
let me change.
if you have nothing important to talk about, not contacting me is the best way.
I didn't say that after the incident, my heart was closed to any boys, but i want to take care my ikhtilat wholly.
in reality or in virtually.

Sorry and thank you..

for my readers,
sorry for such  a long time without any newest entry. but, what i really learned that Allah will test us for every word we spread to the others. next, i learned that during this raya is to accept our parent for who they are.
and I would like to wish a happy eid, maaf zahir batin. lastly, my house is welcomed to all of you.


  1. Salam lebaran & maaf zahir batin.Semoga Allah jaga akak for the change you do.

  2. apapun perubahannya semoga tabah dalam menjalani kehidupan k :)

  3. Mujahidah itu pahit kerana syurga itu indah.. Allah sentiasa brsama2 org yg sabar dear.. :')


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